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Genuine Panama Hats

It all started with trying to find beautiful, exceptional quality hats that were perfect for our tropical lifestyle.

Hat of Cain is the first hat salon in Singapore that specialises in authentic, handwoven Panama hats from Ecuador.

With over 20 styles and grades of Panama hats that have been carefully sourced from the finest weavers, we make sure you will find the perfect panama.

At Hat of Cain, we offer private appointments and personalised fittings for our Panama hats for both men and women.

We also have beautiful wide brimmed ladies hats and fedoras in wool, beaver and rabbit felt for those who jetset to cooler climates.


Short Brim Hats

Versatile and cool for both men and women living the city life in the tropics.


Wide Brim Hats

Perfect for your next beach holiday or a more dramatic look.


Ladies Hats

Elegant, wide brimmed ladies hats for any occasion that will always turn heads.

History of the Panama Hat


The Journey

The history of Panama Hats is rather a tale about its journey, rather than its origin. Authentic Panama hats are handmade from woven Toquilla straw in the traditional Ecuadorian style that has been passed down for generations.

These hats were popular during the construction of the Panama Canal to provide lightweight and breathable sun protection for the construction workers. Theodore Roosevelt was famously photographed wearing one during one his visits which garnered much popularity and giving this classic hat it’s name from this port of disembarkation to the rest of the world.

Our Services

What we do

Personalised Fittings

As soon as you walk in to the salon, you will get a personalised fitting so you will walk out with the perfect panama hat.

Our Hat Salon is open:

Saturdays from 11am-5pm

Private Appointments on week-nights upon request.

Private Appointments

We gladly arrange private appointments during the week in the evenings and on the weekends.

Whether you want to surprise your partner with a fitting, or would like to drop by at a time that suits you best, do drop us a line at +65 8809 6242.


At Hat of Cain, you can customise your own panama hat by choosing the design, colour, grade, size and hat band.

Visit our salon to customise your Hat of Cain Panama hat.

Hat Care


Always handle your Hat of Cain hat by its brim (the sides that protect your face) to protect the crown (the top of the hat).

When resting your hat on a flat surface, make sure it is upside down so your hat is resting on its crown.

If you prefer hanging up your hat, make sure that the peg/hook rests on the back of the crown where our labels are.


Panama hats are ideal sun hats. However avoid exposing your hat to extreme temperatures. Never leave your hat in intense heat like in the back of a car.

Our hats love the humidity, however this is not a rain hat. Toquilla straw will absorb water like a sponge.

If a stray piece of straw pops out, do not pull it. Instead snip it off with small scissors or nail clippers.

Cleaning & Shaping

Should your Panama become dirty, lightly dust it with a dry cloth first. If there are any small marks, use a wet-wipe to gently remove the stain. Don’t rub to hard, this can cause the straw to fray as it is a natural fibre.

Should your hat lose shape, gently steam your hat over boiling water and reshape with your hands. To reshape the brim, iron it under a slightly damp cloth on a low setting.

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