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There are a few things we thought would be worth considering before you make your purchase.

Time and Place

Are you purchasing this for an occasion, holiday or an everyday hat? This will help you in selecting the size and brim width of the hat.

Weave and Design

There are many different techniques of weaving a Panama hat. The tighter the weave, the more refine the look of the hat. A crochet or twisted weave exudes a more casual look.

Hat Personalisation

All our hats can be customised with feathers, coloured headbands and other fun accessories to make it your very own. 

We hope you have fun picking out the right hat style for yourself.

As always, if we can be of assistance, feel free to contact us. 


Our Story

It all began with trying to find beautiful, exceptional quality hats that were perfect for our tropical lifestyle. Hat of Cain is a homegrown Singapore label specialising in Panama hats, located in the charming neighbourhood of Joo Chiat. 

Established in 2012, we have grown from our humble beginnings with a handful of classic styles to a wide selection of over forty designs suitable for both men and women. Customers, first-time Panama hat owners and collectors alike, will be spoilt or choice with the variety of weave grades that have been carefully sourced from the finest weavers in Ecuador.

At Hat of Cain, we ensure you'll find the perfect Panama hat through our personalised fitting sessions. 

Salon Experience

Settle into the charming ambience of the salon, enjoy a cup of coffee and let us take you through the experience of selecting the perfect hat.

Whether it's a surprise for that special someone or a treat for yourself, the hat salon will be exclusively available for you and your guests as you browse through our collection of hats.