Handle with Care 


- Always hold the hat by the brim.

- Avoid pinching the crown as it can cause the delicate straw to crack.

- Refrain from hanging the hat on sharp hooks. Rounded knobs are recommended. Rest the back of the hat when hanging on a wall.


Protect your Hat

- Do not place your hat at the back of your car for long periods of time. The intense heat will cause the straw to dry up and eventually crack.

- Protect your hat from rain and water. In the event it gets wet, dry it as soon as possible with a dry towel. 

- Toquilla straw is water absorbent. Spray an even layer of Scotch Guard which act as a protective layer to avoid water soaking in quickly.


Clean Gently

- Should your panama hat get dirty, remove the dirt by lightly dusting it with a dry cloth.

- We recommend using moist baby wipes if the marks are deemed difficult to remove. By cleaning the stain little by little, most marks can be removed. Do not rub hard.

- Should a stray piece of straw pop up on the crown of brim, do not pull it - simply snip it off with a nail clipper or a pair or small scissors.