Travelling with a Panama hat is typically a cause for concern. However, there are various ways you can travel conveniently with your hats, and here is how you do so -

In a suitcase or carry-on
  • Place your at upside down in a nest of soft clothing in the centre of your suitcase.
  • Surround the brim with clothing to support the shape and place small clothing items such as socks and undergarment in the crown of the hat.
In a hat case
  • Store up to 3 - 4 Panama hats in one of our hat case. 
  • Can be carried four ways, or checked in at the airport - 
  1. As a hand-carry
  2. Sling it across your body
  3. Carry it as a backpack
  4. Slide it over your luggage handle with the trolley sleeve
With a magnetic hat tag
  • Clip your hat with the hat tag and strap it onto your hand-carry.